Frequently Asked Questions



Please see frequently asked questions below.

What is your delivery time?

After ordering we will carry out a check measure. This cannot be done until we receive from you all specifications including printed appliances details. Ask your supplier to fax details to us. At this point our technical department will make an appointment to re measure. After detailing the order will go into production. We can now set the delivery date. Usually this is 4-6 weeks although this can vary. If the kitchen is not required immediately we will schedule to meet your requirements.

Can we rely on the kitchen being delivered on time?

During the last 9 years we have delivered every kitchen on the scheduled delivery date. We pride ourselves on customer service and meeting our customer’s expectations.

How long does it take to install a kitchen?

In most cases kitchens with a laminate bench top will be complete within 2-3 days. If you require man made stone, granite or marble bench tops it is necessary for the installer to install cabinets and construct a substrate and a template.
You are then able to arrange a suitable time for the stonemason to pick up the template. The stonemason will return to install them in approximately 10-`12 working days. When installed  the plumber and the electrician will return to connect the appliances.

The measurements for a glass splashback cannot be taken until the bench tops are installed. Delivery and installation of your glass splashback will usually be another 10-12 working days.

What is a glass splashback?

This is a sheet of 6mm glass that is cut to the required shape. It is then painted with a special paint which is baked on and then toughened. Regulations require a piece of fire resistant material to be placed behind a gas hotplate which is set into the plaster or cement sheet. There are 2 types of glass, plain glass which is cheaper and contains a lot of iron which can distort the colour over time and there is star fire glass which contains less iron and maintains the chosen colour much better over time.

The edges of my old doors and panels are all chipped. Will yours do the same?

Some manufacturers use a cheaper, low quality .04mm edge tape on doors, carcases and shelving which was most often ironed on.  Edge tape can become brittle and chip and crack over time creating a tired and worn look to your kitchen.  At Merchant Kitchens we use the latest technology in applying a 1mm ABS tough edge to all edges of our cabinets and panels. ABS edges do not chip or peel ensuring longevity and the absolute best results. Further information on the complexities of ABS edging and why it’s so important that it’s applied correctly is available at

My friend’s vinyl wrap (thermo laminate) doors have pealed back. Why is this?

Many vinyl doors are made on cheap inadequate machines no larger than your dining room table. The result is a cheap price and cheap quality. As with ABS edging all our doors are  manufactured in a  multimillion dollar operations using ‘top of the range’ equipment with continual research and development. We will never compromise quality for the sake of price.  Our thermo laminate doors will last for many years, well beyond our 10 year guarantee. We also install heat guards around ovens and offer alternative panel options to minimize risk.

How financially secure is your company?

The Company was incorporated in 1987.  We have been trading for 37 years under the same ownership. A credit search will reveal a clean sheet despite recessions. We are totally self-funded. No loans, overdraughts or leases and an excellent cash flow.

You can certainly deal with us with confidence!